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iBaloot – آي بلوت Game App Apk Free Download iBaloot – آي بلوت is a most popular game, which is available for both Android and iOS devices that comes in the Games grade. iBaloot – آي بلوت is a Amazing game, which was uploaded on Google Play Store & Apple app store on 2011-06-24 17:40:25, for the first time to both Android & iOS mobile users.

This fabulous game has been created by Ibtikar Technologies. and this popular mobile game has received 4 *star rating on the App Store. You can easily download this game in your android and iOS mobile phones.

Short Description About iBaloot – آي بلوت Game

آي بلوت iBaloot لعبة

لعب جماعي رائع ، إنها اللعبة الأشهر في السعودية والخليج العربي. حالياً متواجدة على كل المنصات بما فيها الأيفون. دائما التكتيك والتخطيط ممتع في البلوت.

في اللعبة يوجد فريقين ، كل فريق مكون من شخصين. تطبق اللعبة الشروط و القوانين العامة للعبة البلوت التقليدية و لكننا وفرناها لكم على الجوال ليكون البلوت معكم في كل مكان.

تقوم آي بلوت بمحاكاة اللعبة الحقيقية لجعلها أكثر ألفة للاعبي البلوت على الجوال. في الحقيقة آي بلوت تجعلك مع أصحابك مربعها أونلاين في أي مكان و زمان. تمكنك اللعبة من تصميم غرفتك وملفك الشخصي وكروت اللعب وصوت اللعب بما يتناسب معك ومزاجك. يمكنك اللعب أونلاين أو فردي، كما يمكنك دعوة أصدقائك للعب معك وتمضية جلسة حلوة مع البلوت.

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نعمل جاهدين على جعل آي بلوت الأفضل للجميع من حيث قضاء وقت ممتع، بناء صداقات جديدة، إنشاء قائمة بالأصدقاء وأضفنا ميزة جميلة في اللعبة وهي استلام و ارسال الهدايا للاعبين آخرين خلال اللعبة.
آي بلوت بالمختصر:
– تصميم تفاعلي
– اللعب الجماعي أصبح الآن اكثر استقرارا من أي وقت مضى
– دخول اللاعبين سريع و سهل من خلال الدخول من تويتر وجوجل بلس وفيسبوك
– واجهة استخدام أنيقة
– دردش مع اللاعبين و كون صداقات جديدة
– ذكاء صناعي عالي الجودة
– أصوات اللعب متاحة في متجر آي بلوت
– نظام تنبيهات لأوقات الصلاة أينما تكون
– نراجع تعليقاتكم و نطور آي بلوت للأفضل
iBaloot for iPhone

iBaloot is a turn-based single or multi-players card game popular in Arab world. Currently, the game supports three platforms, including iOS. There is a logic and fun associated with the iBaloot. 

In the game, 4 players divide into 2 teams, two players in each and the rest of the game is played based on Baloot’s rules which are almost common everywhere.

iBaloot Application simulates the real cards game to be more user friendly and entertaining mobile version of the game. iBaloot provides a solutions for playing anytime and anywhere with anybody. In fact, ibaloot is becoming part of our society as you can see student, teachers, engineers, managers, doctors and almost everyone are enjoying playing baloot. iBaloot connects the new generation with the old, makes friends and creates a level of excitement and enjoyment about playing Baloot.

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iBaloot allows users to design his room, cards, avatar and his local accent. No matter where you are, now you can enjoy playing offline or online, ask your friends to play, send or receive gifts, collect points and ranks yourself in the top players’ list. To make it a way attractive and communicable, we’ve added a new voice command feature. Using this feature, users will be talk to their teammates with voice commands.

We try to make this game as sociable as possible, where the players can add new friends and make their own friend list. To make the game more interactive and fun, we’ve added a new feature to enable players send and receive the gifts from other players during the game.

Highlight Points of iBaloot – آي بلوت

Section Infor
Game Name iBaloot – آي بلوت
Rating on App Store 4 Star
Version 6.2.10
Category Games
Publish Date 2011-06-24 17:40:25
Size 345,176.00
Developer’s name Ibtikar Technologies.

How to Download iBaloot – آي بلوت Game For Free in Your iOS Mobile

  1. Click Here to download iBaloot – آي بلوت Game on your iOS mobile phone.
  2. After that, you’ll be redirected to Direct Apple’s App Store and you may get a hyperlink to download the game.
  3. Click on Download Button to put in the Latest 6.2.10 version iBaloot – آي بلوت game from Itunes.
  4. Install and Open the 6.2.10 iBaloot – آي بلوت game & And have fun.
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Steps to Download iBaloot – آي بلوت Game Apk on Your Android Smartphone

  1. First of all, Visit Google Play Store to Download iBaloot – آي بلوت game for Android.
  2. If you are unable to install this game from Play Store, otherwise you do not want to down load it from Google Play store, you would love to download its apk version, Then you can download latest 6.2.10 Apk of iBaloot – آي بلوت Game Online For free in your android mobile
  3. Steps to Download iBaloot – آي بلوت Apk To download the apk file you may go to India’s most famous apk down loader web sites like – ApkDeal, ApkKey, 9apps, ApkMirror, Apk4Funand lots more
  4. Install the latest 6.2.10 version iBaloot – آي بلوت Apk in your Android and have fun :-).

I hope that after reading this article, you will know everything about iBaloot – آي بلوت game. If you want to get other information about this very game, then you can contact it on its official site http://ibtikar.net.sa.

if you have any additional questions about iBaloot – آي بلوت, then you can mention in comment section and we will helps you out within 24 hours OR you can contact the him by visiting there official website http://ibtikar.net.sa.